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Our clergy abuse attorneys work for survivors to bring justice for those abused by Catholic priests or clergy. A shocking number of Catholic priests and other clergy have abused thousands of children and young adults within the last several decades. In 2018, the state of Pennsylvania made the horrific problem of priests victimizing children in their charge impossible to ignore. That revelation prompted or emboldened several other states – including Arizona, California, Iowa, Montana, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Texas, and several others – to launch their own investigations. In some cases, states have changed their statutes of limitations laws in order to pursue civil action against the dioceses that hid or protected abusive clergy.

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Our experienced clergy abuse attorneys represent abuse survivors nationwide. If you or someone you love was abused by a priest or another trusted elder, contact us today for a free legal consultation regarding a potential lawsuit against your abuser(s) and/or a church or other responsible organization.

New York

A new New York Law now enables sex abuse survivors to file cases previously barred by statutes of limitations. In February 2019, the archdiocese of Brooklyn released a list of more than 100 priests credibly accused of sex abuse. In April 2019, the archdiocese of New York named 20 clergy ‘credibly accused’ of child sex abuse. New York state law changed this spring with the newly-passed Child Victims Act. The law not only extends the statute of limitations, but also dispenses with the requirement to file a notice of claim against various municipal entities for the specific sexual offenses enumerated in the Act.

New Jersey

In May 2019, New Jersey passed legislation to allow a longer grace period (or statute of limitations) for victims to file claims for the abuse they suffered years earlier.


In April 2019, a law firm filed a claim against a Conroe, Texas priest accused of child sex abuse. In Dallas, Texas, police in May 2019 launched a raid on a Catholic diocese in order to find records of sex abuse that were not forthcoming otherwise.


On June 3, 2019 in Iowa the state attorney general requested abuse records from The Catholic diocese and launched an abuse hotline for abuse survivors.

Clergy Abuse Attorneys

Our clergy abuse attorneys recognize the emotional difficulty of sharing sexual abuse information with anyone. We have handled clergy abuse cases across the country and in Puerto Rico for more than a decade. We also have many Spanish speakers on staff to help with anyone who’d rather speak with us in Spanish.

Confidential Case Consultation

Call us today or email for a free confidential case consultation in a potential clergy abuse lawsuit. We want to help abused people find justice, and we would be honored to help you. If yours is a case that is possible for us to pursue, we pledge to do everything within our power to bring your abuser(s) to justice. We want to hear your story. If you were abused by a trusted elder, we know you’ve already suffered long enough.

Tell us your story. Demand justice. Our clergy abuse attorneys stand ready to help.
Email us or call for a free confidential case consultation regarding a potential lawsuit against your abuser(s) and the church or others who enabled that abuse. We work on a contingency fee basis; we don’t get paid or charge fees unless we win compensation for our clients.

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