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zoloft attorney Zoloft, a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI) or antidepressant, has been linked to severe birth defects when taken by a woman during the first three months of her pregnancy. Zoloft may increase the birth defect risks of Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension (PPHN), as well as heart, lung, abdominal, cranial and/or facial defects.

Zoloft remains on the market despite much evidence to suggest it raises the risks of serious birth defects when taken by women during the first trimester of pregnancy. It can also raise the risk of suicidal thoughts in adolescents and children who take the medication. If and when Zoloft is recalled, we will publish that information here post haste, so please stay tuned.

FDA Warnings for Zoloft

Learn About FDA Zoloft Studies & Risks

houston zoloft attorneyThe FDA classifies Zoloft as a pregnancy category C drug, which means it is capable of harming a fetus developing in the womb. An article in the Canadian Medical Journal from May 2010 suggested that women taking Zoloft in the first weeks of pregnancy stand a greater chance of miscarriage.

The Archive of General Psychiatry reported in July 2011 that women who take SSRI antidepressants during pregnancy raise the risk of autism in the unborn child. The highest risk was found for those taking SSRI’s during the first trimester of pregnancy. Clinical Epidemiology published a study which reported Zoloft use triples the risk of heart malformations. The FDA has warned consumers of the risk of purchasing Zoloft on the Internet. Due to the potential side effects of ingesting Zoloft, the FDA warns users not to take Zoloft without the supervision of a healthcare professional and pharmacist.

What is Zoloft?

Learn About the Medication

Zoloft is a medication used to treat depression and other anxiety disorders, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), panic disorder, pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) and social anxiety disorder. Fibromyalgia and migraine headaches have also sometimes been treated with Zoloft.

goes by the generic name Sertraline™
contains the active ingredient Sertraline
was originally approved in 1991
is manufactured by Pfizer, Inc.
is approved for Major Depressive Disorder, OCD, PTSD, PMDD, Panic Disorder and Social Anxiety Disorder

Off–label Uses of Zoloft

Severe Side Effects from Uses of Zoloft

Despite severe side effects related to the use of Zoloft, some users take the drug for:
Premature ejaculation
Generalized anxiety disorder
Migraine headache
Diabetic neuropathy

Zoloft Side Effects

Learn About Side Effects of Zoloft

While Zoloft can be effective for its approved uses, side effects associated with the drug are often severe and potentially life threatening. They include:
Birth defects
Suicidal thoughts
Manic Behavior
Increased Perspiration

Zoloft Lawsuit Information

Is the Assistance of Lawyers Necessary?

If you or a loved one has experienced adverse “side effects” from the use of Zoloft, you may qualify for compensation to help with the cost of your medical expenses, as well as your pain and suffering. To contact a Zoloft lawyer for a free consultation call 1-800-275-5007. We will answer any questions about Zoloft settlements.