houston tractor trailer crash attorney

Houston Tractor Trailer Crash Attorney

Learn About Tractor Trailer Crash Litigation and Settlements

tractor trailer crash attorneyGary S. Tucker & Associates – Top rated, Houston Tractor trailer crash attorney, that focuses on building solid foundation to win lawsuits. Our legal team has the capabilities to fight against companies trying to deny your settlement.

Truck accidents can be complicated but the tractor trailer crash lawyers at our law firm have experience in catastrophic damage. Determining fault and liability is part of the process of obtaining a lawyer. Most of the time, our tractor trailer crash attorney will go back and forth with the insurance company to ensure the highest return for our clients.

Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyer

Learn about Tractor Trailer Lawsuits

Truck accidents usually involve more damage because of the size compared to a standard automobile crash. Expensive case means that you need an experienced lawyer that will not charge you until there is a successful case win. Who is liable in a tractor trailer crash? Fault and liability is the reason you want to hire a tractor trailer accident attorney. If a truck driver is negligent, you can sue for damages and compensation, but if you don’t hire a law firm then chances of success decrease.

Reasons for Tractor Trailer Crash

What if the crash was caused by defective part?

In case of defective part, then usually, the manufacturer of the car or car part will be sued. An example would include a truck accident on the highway that causes a pile up because of a malfunctioning trailer pin. The importance of legal council is crucial, you don’t want to be all alone in the courtroom.

Our legal team has the experience and knowledge to attack manufacturers of defective parts. We do not charge you for representation, we provide free truck accident consultations. We are a law firm that will maximize your claim by collecting the proper evidence to defend your case. Representation is the most important thing when dealing with tractor trailer crash lawsuits.

Houston Tractor Trailer Crash Lawyer

Protect Your Legal Rights by Hiring a Law Firm

Hire a law firm that is a leader in tractor trailer accident settlements. Gary S. Tucker & Associates have over 34 years of experience handling truck accidents in Houston, Tx. If you have been involved in a tractor trailer crash then call for a free consultation. You may be eligible to receive a recovery and compensation for hospital bills, loss of wages, damages and more. We will be able to determine who is at fault and the primary issue of the accident.

Call right away so no details are lost and you receive the best representation. It doesn’t matter if the truck driver was distracted, speeding, drunk driving, tailgating, or if there was a defective part; our legal team will pin point the reasoning and we will win settlement money. We work on a contingency fee which means you don’t have to pay us until we win your case.