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Construction Site Accident Lawyers

Learn About Construction Site Accident Injuries

construction injury attorneyConstruction is among the most dangerous jobs available. Despite safety precautions put in place by OSHA, state boards of labor and the employers themselves, hundreds of workers are seriously injured or killed in construction accidents each year.

At Gary S. Tucker & Associates, P.C., we represent construction workers and the loved ones of those who were injured or killed in construction accidents.

We can analyze the circumstances of your accident to determine whether your claim is limited to workers’ compensation benefits, or if you have the right to seek a broader range of damages available in a personal injury lawsuit. In many cases, a suit for personal injury damages can be prepared and litigated even while worker’s compensation benefits are being paid.

Our lawyers represent workers in construction, oil and gas, manufacturing, transportation, and other industries in workplace accident claims.

Types of Construction Site Injury Accidents

Learn about Types of Construction Site Injuries:

Heavy equipment accidents
Accidents with cranes, forklifts, bulldozers,
Accidents with bucket trucks, or other fixed or mobile machinery
Falls from heights such as roofs, ladders, or scaffolds
Confined space accidents resulting in asphyxiation or drowning
Electrocution, explosion, or fire
Toxic exposure injuries due to chemical spills or releases
Motor vehicle accidents in the course of employment


Prevent Construction Site Accident Injury

Learn About Construction Site Accident Injury Prevention

Negligence is common in the workplace and liability is determined by issue of fault. There is many reasons for civil claims and standards vary from most states when discussing settlements. Safety requirements are vital and ensure that workers are safe. Following safety procedures helps prevent safety hazards.

Top Safety Hazards and Solutions
1. Scaffolding
2. Fall protection (scope, application, definitions)
3. Excavations (general requirements)
4. Ladders
5. Head protection
6. Excavations (requirements for protective systems)
7. Hazard communication
8. Fall protection (training requirements)
9. Construction (general safety and health provisions)
10. Electrical (wiring methods, design and protection)


Speak with a Construction Site Accident Attorney

Learn Your Rights with Construction Site Accident Injury Lawsuits

Many construction site job injury claims involve severe and disabling injuries such as spinal cord damage, traumatic brain injury, or extensive burns. In workplace accident cases, we make sure that all elements of your present and future damages are thoroughly documented for compensation, including the expenses involved in future surgery, home care assistance, and rehabilitation therapy.

At Gary S. Tucker & Associates, P.C., we represent victims of industrial, construction, and other workplace accidents in personal injury and wrongful death claims. To learn how we can help you recover the financial compensation necessary to support your physical recovery after a severe injury on the job, please contact one of our attorneys in Houston for a free consultation.