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explosion accident attorneyHouston based attorney that wins lawsuits from short and long-term injuries from refinery accidents. If you or a loved one works in the oil/gas or manufacturing industries, you are probably aware of the inherent risk involved in the job. Falling off an oil or gas refinery or becoming entangled in factory machinery, can cause immediate injuries, such as broken legs, broken backs, amputations or death.

Other work can cause illnesses that are not apparent for months or years. People who clean gas lines are often exposed to unsafe chemicals, substances that could cause leukemia or other types of cancer far into the future.

Regardless of the type of injury, we know there are numerous things that must be addressed. When clients contact us, we help them resolve all legal aspects of their case.

We Help Explosion Victims with:

Finding medical treatment
Obtaining workers’ compensation benefits
Awarding a financial settlement
Working with insurance companies to get coverage for your injuries and expenses

Houston Explosion Accident Lawyers

What Does an Explosion Attorney Need to Know to Handle Your Case?

In cases of fire or explosions, your attorney needs to be knowledgeable about the variety of automobiles on the road today that have poorly placed fuel tanks or fuel lines.

These post-collision fuel-fed fires are also common in SUVs that are prone to rollover accidents. In either case, the resulting burn injuries are usually lifelong injuries that require multiple corrective surgeries and substantial Life Care Plans.

Our explosion lawyers understand both what is at stake for you, and the legal issues that pertain to these cases.

Speak with a burn injury attorney today at our Houston law offices for a free consultation with no obligation or risk to you. If we fail to recover compensation in your case, you will not pay our firm any costs or attorneys’ fees guaranteed.

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