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Yaz Lawyer HoustonGary S. Tucker & Associates, Houston Yaz Attorney, has experience satisfying clients suffering from Yaz side effects. Yaz, also known as Yasmin or Ocella, has been linked to several serious side effects, which include strokes, heart attacks, blood clots and other problems.

In 2009, beneath the shadow of pending lawsuits regarding Yaz side effects, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) fired off a warning letter to Bayer, the makers of Yaz.

That FDA letter addressed quality control problems at a plant located in Germany that manufactures a Yaz ingredient called into question during a 2009 inspection. According to the letter, the testing method used by Bayer produced results that fell within FDA safety specifications when calculated as an average, but that nonetheless failed to meet specifications when examined in individual batches.

Is Yaz Safe to Use?

FDA Warnings & Side Effects

According to the FDA, several studies have shown that the link between Yaz and Thromboembolic Disorders, as well as other vascular problems, is stronger than it was previously thought to be. The warning also noted that the risk increases if the patient:
Is over 35
Smokes tobacco
Has a history of strokes or blood clots

Yaz is an oral contraceptive used by women to prevent pregnancy. Yaz is also used to help treat symptoms of premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). PMDD is characterized by depressed moods, anxiety, tension, persistent anger, irritability and more.

What is Yaz?

Learn History of Yaz

yaz attorney goes by the generic names of drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol
contains the active ingredients drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol
was originally approved March 16, 2006
is manufactured by Bayer Healthcare
is approved for the use of preventing pregnancy and treating symptoms of PMDD.

Despite severe side effects related to the use of Yaz, many users take the drug for:
treating painful menstrual periods
controlling heavy menstrual bleeding

Yaz Side Effects

While Yaz is often effective in preventing pregnancy and treating symptoms of PMDD, the side effects associated with the drug can be severe and sometimes life threatening. They include:
Heart Attack
Pulmonary embolism
Blood Clots
Deep Vein Thrombosis
Gallbladder Disease
Sudden death

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