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Infuse Bone Graft attorneyHouston Infuse Bone Graft Attorney that fights until a winning verdict is received. Infuse Bone Graft is a metallic, thimble-sized device filled with genetically engineered human protein implanted in the body to generate new bone meant to stabilize the spine after spinal fusion surgery.

The FDA in 2008 issued a Public Health Notification: Life- threatening Complications Associated with Recombinant Human Bone Morphogenetic Protein in Cervical Spine Fusion. The agency originally approved Infuse Bone Graft in 2002 only for use in lower spinal surgery to promote bone growth.

Medtronic, however, has promoted Infuse to doctors for non-FDA-approved surgeries, which include cervical or lumbar fusion. Such unapproved or off-label uses have caused serious, sometimes life-threatening problems.

Infuse Bone Graft Health Problems:

Uncontrolled bone growth
Ectopic bone growth
Inflammatory cyst formation
Increased cancer risk (esp. pancreatic, breast and prostate)
Difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing
Retrograde Ejaculation
Respiratory failure
Nerve damage
Erectile Dysfunction
Additional surgeries to remove unwanted bone formation
Bone dissolution
Worsened back and radiating leg pain

Off-label marketing occurs whenever a drug maker markets a drug for a purpose not approved by the FDA. Medtronic’s off-label promotions of Infuse and subsequent injuries reported as a result of those off-label uses have left the company vulnerable to litigation from victims of those off-label uses.

Medtronic also trained medical staffs to perform surgical procedures using Infuse in the neck (off label). The company also allegedly paid doctors millions to write articles promoting off-label use of Infuse and to publish that pro-Infuse propaganda in medical journals. All of this marketing for off-label uses behind the curtain was done without the FDA’s ever having approved Infuse for surgeries on the neck and cervical spine.

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