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Are you in need of lawyer services near Aldine, Tx? Gary S. Tucker & Associates, is a law office located in Harris County, Tx. Our law firm specializes in many areas of law including auto accidents, personal injury, construction accidents, 18-wheeler truck accidents and more. We have been practicing law for a total of more than 35+ years. We focus on winning every case and try to only take on cases that we can win. So you can be sure that we will win if we take on your case! We have been fighting auto accident lawsuits in Houston since 1980.

Aldine Car Accident Attorney

Do I need a car accident attorney if I have been injured in a car accident? Yes! Even if you have not been injured in a car accident; it is crucial for you to obtain attorney services so you do not risk everything!

An attorney can help in many areas but most importantly we can ensure that the person that hit your car does not walk away free. We have seen it many times in our law office. Someone waits until the very last minute to contact our attorneys and they almost lose the case. It is important to contact us right after being involved in a car accident so that we can evaluate the situation and start our research.

The worst situation would be for someone to cause a car crash and hit your car; and then putting the blame off onto you. We have seen in time and time again. The person that is at fault lies and puts off blame unto the innocent party. This can cause many issues if not brought to us right away. Our Aldine accident attorney services will bring you the most return on your case with the highest chance of winning.

Car Accident Attorney near Aldine, Tx

The rapidly growing Houston area continues to rank the fourth largest metro area in the United States behind New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Not only is the population huge, but the area includes 10 counties covering some 900 square miles and spreads some 50 miles in each direction. This makes Aldine, Tx a huge area that is prone to car accidents.

Gary S. Tucker & Associates have been servicing the area of Aldine with attorneys for over 35+ years. We are different from our competition because we focus on winning. We only take on lawsuits that we know we can win. This makes it easier for us to take on new cases; because we don’t put ourselves in a situation where we have to work many extra hours for the same outcome.

aldine car accident attorney

Where is Aldine, TX Located?

Aldine, built on the International–Great Northern Railroad, was named after a local farm family. A post office operated in Aldine from 1896 to 1935; after 1935, mail was delivered from Houston. In 1914 Aldine included two general stores, a fig preserver, and several poultry breeders and several dairymen.

The population briefly reached 100 in 1925. In the 1930s and 1940s the population decreased to between thirty and forty residents. The Aldine Independent School District was integrated by federal order in 1965. Aldine, with renewed population growth in the 1970s, had 12,623 residents in 1986 and 11,133 residents in 1990

Harris County Precinct 1 operates Pep Mueller Park, located at 14750 Henry Road in Aldine. It was given its current name in 1981 to honor M. A. “Pep” Mueller, the superintendent of Precinct 4’s Spring Camp, Road, and Bridge Maintenance Facility. The park has a playground, a community building, a basketball pavilion, a toilet and concession facility, four ball fields, and four press boxes.

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 by Jason L

When I got in an accident, my first thought was is my family ok? We were driving at night and a car ran a stop sign and hit the side of our mini van. My family was okay but we were bruised up and our mini van was completely totaled. We exchanged insurance information and the person that crashed into our vehicle lied and said that we ran the stop sign. That is when I called Gary and his law firm really helped my family get the compensation we needed. I still have to go to the chiropractor because of the accident. Than you Gary and your amazing team!