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What is the Maximum Amount for Car Accident Lawsuits in Houston?

Whether you have been involved in a car accident or you simply want to be educated in case of a car crash, we want to answer all of your questions. We created this webpage for people in Houston to learn about car accidents because we receive so many questions about accidents. We hope to answer all of your car crash questions.

Houston Car Accident Attorney Laws

What is the statue of limitations for car accident lawsuits in Houston? If you or a family member dies in a car accident; the statue of limitations is two years for wrongful death claims in Houston, Tx.

Understanding the time limits for lawsuits will ensure that you do not miss out on filing claims. Wrongful death claims can be paused for up to one year in Houston for car accidents.

What is the maximum for car accident settlements?

This is a great question, unfortunately, we will need more information from you to be able to estimate a maximum amount for your lawsuit. Each car accident is different and there are many different varying factors when calculating amounts for lawsuit claims.

What is Average amount received from a car crash?